Hafenskipper 2 – Dock & Maneuver Ships in the Harbor

Train to stop, dock and turn your boat with this new ship simulator.  

Maneuvering your ship in close quarters can be a challenge and must be trained well. Hafenskipper 2 simulates harbor maneuvers under power and helps you to get a good understanding of the maneuver techniques and the ship physics.

This is the second version of Hafenskipper with 3D graphics, more training levels and improved mooring line handling.

Your Mission

  • Maneuver the ships safely through the harbor
  • Dock at the pier and park in the slip
  • Challenge yourself in one of the 20 training levels or drive around freely

Try out Docking Maneuvers Safely

Play it safe or just save yourself some time and effort. Get familiar with any maneuver before going out on the water. Work out a specific scenario that you want to master.

20 Training Levels

Master the basic maneuvers, turning in close quarters, docking at the pier and parking in the slip.

7 Ships to Maneuver

Train to dock and maneuver with 7 different ships:

  • Motorboat with outboard engine
  • Motorboat with stern drive
  • Dinghy
  • Two sailing yachts with engine
  • Motor yacht and catamaran

Free Running Mode

Try out any maneuver in the free running modes. Choose from multiple starting points in the harbor.

Free Running Bay Mode with Anchoring

In the bay you can anchor the ship, moor at the buoys and study the swinging circle of your ship.

Try out maneuvers with wind and current

In the free running levels, you can adjust wind and current in magnitude and direction. In some training levels you can test your skills with preset wind.

Work with mooring lines

Mooring lines are available in the free running mode and some training levels. Moor the ship to the pier and slip. Use the mooring lines to help maneuver with strong winds.

Realistic 3D physics simulation

New 3D physics with realistic simulation of the ships at displacement trawler speeds. (hydrostatic lift)

Detailed ship settings

Change propeller rotation and strength of the prop walk and prop wash. Adjust the behavior of each ship to your specific requirements.

Hafenskipper 2 is available for iOS, Android and Windows