Hafenskipper 2 Manual

Hafenskipper 2 Manual

Welcome to the Hafenskipper 2 manual!


Dock your ship skillfully and with ease, learn to do it with Hafenskipper. In this manual we show you the basics and explain the maneuvers that you can train with the Hafenskipper-2-App.

First you will get an overview of the different ship and engine types. Then you will get to know the ships you can drive in the Hafenskipper-2 app. Next stops are the harbor, the training levels and the free running modes.


1. Types of boats an their characteristics
2. Ship Detailed Settings
3. Harbor information
4. Harbor Maneuvers
5. Free running mode
6. The bay
7. Technical notes
8. Where can I find the Hafenskipper-2-App?

Disclaimer: Even though we hope the examples in the document and the app are very instructive and helpful for you, they do not replace boating lessons and a professional training. To learn how to drive a boat, please contact a sailing or motorboat school.  

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